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The Golden Earth Survival List: Safety for You, your Family, and Community

Welcome to The Golden Earth A message from Saint Germaine.

Note that our usual Home Page on this site has been changed ... to deliver this important message. To go to the usual Home Page, Golden Earth Home Page .

December, 2012

This is Lord Germaine. The fourth dimension is coming. Soon you will walk into it. The synthetic clothes shall fall off you and you will be naked, so wear cotton, wool or silk. The food of the fourth dimension is of a perfect type also. The conversations of the fourth dimension are deep and flowing. Your breath will be different the first couple months and then settle down to a steady and calm timing.

The fourth dimension will be soon felt and demonstrated. Your bodies will feel lighter instantly as will your being. You are the eminent peoples of the Earth and you will be used as examples as your bodies are mostly ready to receive the change for the fourth dimension. The food will soon become a problem because it is winter and the "4D" foods are Spring, Summer and Fall. So it will be hard for a few months.

Kalispell has a hydroponic producing farm which will help. These will sprout up here and there very soon.

Your love relationships will be more kind and loving. The sensitivity will return to these important relationships. They will look more like romances of the Sonnets. They will be gentle, kind and very sensitive.

If after 6 months people don't claim the 4D traits they will look elsewhere for a home or they will leave this planet, for a more fitting one. These people will not be harsh but will be strong and their love and in their lives. Their lives will have the transportation they currently have, for a while, and then it will pick up types and places to go, very often carefully and thoroughly.

Nuts will be good as the nutrition in them. Will cause them to fortify and last better than other foods. They will be very popular with the 4D people whose bodies are used to eating them and metabolizing them. Stock them. Be ready!

Music will be important to the 4Ders. It will be lively. There will be many musicians amongst you. Those who do not play will dance well. The people of the 4D will be harder to govern so they will need smarter and more creative leaders. The creativity will quickly show through as the people get on board. The 4Ders will like good leaders and be tough on bad leaders. So the bad leaders will not last long or stay for much time. They will get whisked away quickly. Since all 4Ders will need the same food, there will be little difference in them at first, and the when the food and all else begins to get formed, the characteristics of the 4 Ders will begin to be formed and then you will all see when you will know the 4Ders. The sign of the people will be ready as soon as they believe in the "4D."

The bodies are a whole different story from the former body. More light, more fluid and more changeable. The vitamins will be given, another time minerals and oils also. You should keep a calendar of the happenings in your relationships .

Nibiru will touch a little of the USA but will touch Northeastern Canada - Nova Scotia and all of the provinces around it. It will touch Quebec and its provinces. Maine will not be touched. It will reach to Northern Minnesota and the very North of Montana. Keep your eyes open and ready! The movement will be to the named places and Nova Scotia and its touching country.

That is all for tonight, Beloveds. Now rest.

Lord Germaine.