Welcome to The Golden Earth The Golden Earth website is a collaborative effort between the spiritual hierarchy and a small number of living human beings who have dedicated their lives to the service of humanity.

The spiritual beings involved have long had an interest in the ultimate spiritual evolution of humanity, and have been providing a variety of different forms of assistance for millennia.

The dedicated men and women have been trained to work with the spiritual kingdom in a number of different arenas. All of them have been through a training period that lasted many years, and earned the right to serve through an extended and persevering commitment. The group includes people of different ages, professions, religions, races and creeds. Some appear quite "spiritual" on the surface, while other have been known to swear like sailors. All of them, however, are tuned to blend into the particular community that is their field of service.

This website has been created, and will be maintained, by a sacred triangle, three people who have persevered through long training and dedicated service. Each has done his part.

In this century, both the internet and the commercial world are significant conduits through which information is distributed. Golden Earth LLC was created to make use of these avenues to distribute information essential to both surviving and thriving in the coming decades. Books involving approaches to life, and maps that concern coming earth changes are both offered for sale here, but (as it will become clear from the prices) these aren't offered with profit as a primary motive.

If even a few visitors to this website discover how to move themselves and their families to safe places and understand how to integrate their souls to become calm centers of firm integrity in the midst of tumultuous times, the Golden Earth project will have succeeded.