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Lord Buddha with Lord Germaine - "Peace ... the most precious commodity"

Lord Germaine- "Ring of Fire Activity"

Sharline Martin - "What can I do?"

Lord Germaine - "Meditations to Heal the Planet"

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The newsletters published by The Golden Earth contain continually updated information concerning the coming earth changes, and the health, growth, and spiritual service of those involved in guiding humanity through them.

Quite often, the newsletters will contain information from advanced beings in the spiritual kingdom, communicated through Sharline Martin. Sharline underwent a long and very specific training curriculum, and has been serving as a transmitter for over two decades. She works with a variety of beings that are involved in helping humanity through the earth cleansing. We hope you'll find the information clear, timely, and valuable.

A few words about Spiritual Transmissions:

Throughout history there have been those that have served as contact points - Transmitters - between the physical and spiritual worlds. While there are certainly a number of people that experiment with " communications" these days, those doing it well are now (and always have been) somewhat rare. As with almost any serious profession, the best are born with a particular orientation that makes them seem destined to do such work, and go through long years of often excruciating training to refine and perfect their inborn talent.

There are two basic requirements for producing information that can genuinely aid human beings: The stature of the beings that transmit, and the clarity of the transmitter. The subtle realms are not all necessarily "spiritual", and there is an immense range of beings that inhabit those vast realms - from those that have evolved far beyond the current norm of human consciousness, to those barely conscious at all. The clarity of the transmitter is also vital, and again, there is a great range of practitioners - from those that can clearly transmit the full impact of the higher frequencies of advanced beings with often shocking precision, to those that (without knowing it) communicate little other than their own unconscious ego states, or produce volumes of vague generalities.

It takes discernment to evaluate communications from the spiritual kingdom, but there are some basic general principles that are worth considering:

  • The advanced beings who provide guidance to human evolution run large, global projects - and, as with human beings who run large projects, will always use as many varied means as they can find to accomplish the tasks they've chosen. Transmitters who are credible have reached similar states of awareness. No advanced being would ever claim to work only through one person (any more than an executive would claim to work only through one staff member), and no genuine transmitter would ever claim to be the only one through which the spiritual kingdom works. No authentic messenger would ever claim to be the only vehicle of "the Masters", or the only true "Prophet", or the only voice of "the Truth."
  • The advanced beings who interact with the human kingdom, and the transmitters qualified to work with them, will never attempt to cause people to act in opposition to their own heart and reason, their own intuition and conscience. Free will is one of the few universal spiritual values. Advanced beings will always present information for your consideration and urge you to digest it thoroughly - but they will never insist that (and do not want) anyone to accept their guidance unless it resonates at deep levels. Genuine communications from spiritual beings liberate and guide people towards more expanded levels of consciousness and service; they never chain people with divisive thoughts or the dark manipulations of fear.
  • Finally, there is one characteristic that will always be present in genuine communications from advanced beings, through credible transmitters: Purity of Intent. In every generation, a few new transmitters must be chosen and go through the training. It commonly takes at least a decade before true Clarity can be achieved (a great deal of discipline has to be exercised, and many changes have to happen in a transmitter's physiology). Even during the initial stages of training, however, the ones that have been chosen by the spiritual kingdom may not yet have perfect clarity, but they already have pure intentions. Any communication that tells people to harm others, or to cash out their retirement fund and give it to the messenger, or justifies selfishness, anger, or even more negative sentiments, is not an authentic communication from the spiritual kingdom.

Most of the above - really - is simple common sense, yet every few years the media will carry news of disturbing events instigated by people claiming to have an exclusive connection with the spiritual kingdom, and insisting upon total devotion from their followers. This is unfortunate, and makes genuine transmitters feel something similar to what physicians feel when they hear of bad malpractice nightmares perpetrated by quacks.

The Golden Earth project does connect with the spiritual kingdom (indeed, often has what could be called "spirited discussions" with some members), and this website will be presenting communications. We believe, after long experience and validation, such communications are legitimate and can be quite valuable. We are all, however, the kings and queens of our own beings, and will never give either that power or that responsibility to another being - and it seems worth it to mention that no genuinely advanced spiritual being would ask us to.