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Buddha, November 2005

Through this beloved servant S (as they all call her). I come this evening to talk to you about spirituality. It means different things to different ethnic groups and religions but what I mean to talk with you about tonight is the elements of every human. Each element must be integrated with the other three elements [Intellectual-Emotional-Physical-Spiritual] and then developed in human ways of understanding.

To start with, use

  • clean water,
  • clean food,
  • kindness,
  • think pure thoughts of caring and love.
That is the beginning and doing those things every day will very soon make a difference in your life.

Living your life with honesty, integrity and in holiness helps also. Live from your heart in connection with others. These important people around you are your finest teachers as it is the earth time of relationships.

The connection at the soul level of important relationships comes from the soul. So honor it! Bless it! And allow it to grow in your life.

The quickest way to clean up the world is to clean up yourselves, in and out, including your thoughts and relationships. Cheerfulness is a spiritual discipline and is used by spiritual people to cause living to be more pleasant to all.

Kindness cleans up the relationships around you as well as it influences the communications. The small, simple things we do each day to change the quality of life, ours and others, are true spiritual efforts. Cutting judgment, including criticism, from your life helps the development of quiet discernment which is not wrong, only the outer verbalization of these defeats spiritual growth.

Lord Buddha here in Boulder, getting acquainted with it. Thank you, S. Oh, I will come again. Congratulations on this connecting website connecting the Ascended Masters with all interested humans is quite an innovative feat! It beats sitting under the Bodhi tree.

November 16, 2005

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