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El Morya, January 2006

[Introduction from Sharline]
I would like to welcome you to the fold of the newsletter. Our Master this month will be El Morya, who is now working in the Middle East to humanize for the benefit of women and for the sake of peace.

In 1985 when the Great Council came to me I was an educator serving as an elementary principal. Lord Germaine asked if I would help them with education. Of course, then, I didn't know what that meant. I was ending a journey through Catholicism. As soon as I began the acquaintance with "the guys" as my partner calls them, I began having visions of earth changes and the maps. It took me several months to figure out what it meant. These came in 1987, 1988 and 1989 and it continues today.

Fifteen years ago people were telling me to get a website. It seemed unnecessary to me but the urgency and the education of people to save their lives makes it a necessity today.

As many of you know I began in a very unsophisticated way to get the information in the maps out in 1992. These 2006 maps are a more serious attempt to get the information out.

Along with the maps information are several books on living and readiness. A Collection: Keys To Self Transformation gives one integration for opening the intuition and basic understanding of living on earth. Integrity of Love is a basic on relationships.

Two more books will be coming in the Spring, one on relationship, the other on the virtues to be lived in the Golden Cities.

These virtues are not the regular honesty, etc. but beyond these. A few are unconditional love, purity of intent and authentic living. I am writing Virtues now.

It became necessary to circulate the information for the Masters for the good of others. That is part of the service and it is all under instruction from the Masters.

From My Heart to Yours,
Sharline Martin

I. The Predictions

California will begin its earth change in 2006 with two smaller quakes - smaller than the last two larger ones. They will be deep and quick and thorough even from the start. It will be scary to the people of California as they act to get out immediately. It will change the face of the United States immediately from mid-state. The whole of it will begin in 2006 and carry on 3 years or so for the preservation of fleeing people.

2006 brings the threat of a Flatiron quake of 6+ in Boulder, Colorado. It will be 2-3 miles wide on each side. It will extend for 9-10 miles in length along Highway 93 to Chautauqua in the north. The effect will be to bring property values into a realistic position. It will further effect NCAR, NOAA and Rocky Flats nuclear base homes.

II. The Message

Jan 26-06 El Morya here.
Welcome to the website of the Golden Earth. I come to alert you to the dangers of the future and eventually to the "cleansed earth." There will be catastrophes in different geographical areas almost constantly for a while and, of course, they are changing the earth in many ways, a little at a time. The people are as scared tiny beings on a beast, but if you get your intuitions up and running by cleansing your bodies you will be guided to safety. Second choice is to listen well to Sharline or others who have their intuitions open, and to flee to safe areas where safety and security will be guaranteed.

The hope of all will then be later realized as the cleansed earth will nurture the people. There will be clean water, clean, richer land and the air will not pollute your bodies.

Between air, pesticides in water and soil your physical bodies have little chance of not developing diseases of a hundred different types.

The hierarchy's hearts and minds are constantly concerned for you and the planet now cleanses itself, under its on volition, so there are earthquakes, tsunamis, high winds, volcanic activity, hurricanes, tornadoes and every type of "earth changing" tool that the earth has to use for its own cleansing.

This is why earth changing materials come now for your understanding and our help. It is not a punishment to earth peoples. Most of you today are innocent. There are some huge businesses which help the pollution and others who pollute on purpose for their own gain and these peoples will not only be shut down but probably will live no more, according to their intent.

After some years of world wide cleaning there will be a new kind of life on the planet of higher quality and purpose. The people will understand what it means to pollute the planet's rivers and soils, that actually, the acts leave your bodies also polluted.

As is said, you truly are all one and in the end, when you give diseases to those downstream or pollute their soil, you eventually will become diseased yourself until no one is safe.

The few places on the earth where peoples have fought for a little corner of pure water and safe soil with understanding intent now become Golden City areas where we will help with the cleaning. Although pollution is present in these places, it is to a much lower degree. So safety of peoples is more assured.

It is time now to clean up your bodies with clean water and food as well as you can, the result being an open intuition and better health. At the same time your thoughts and the elements of your self must be balanced and integrated.

Your elements are intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual. For earth living these 4 elements must be in balance for the opening of your intuition for your personal guidance. You all are born with different degrees of intuition according to the cleanliness of the geographical area your mother lived in when you were in utero. It is simple to see and understand once one has totally thought about it.

If one does not care and greed takes over, all the area sometimes suffers, and so the sins of the father then, are lived through the toxic environments.

Today there are so many in a large population on the planet earth. Some do not have the understanding, others don't care so there is tremendous breakdown of the worldwide system.

You have become a "global community" of the earth and what one does affects all. For this reason all must be educated and caused to realize this known fact about the many types of pollution.

Integration of the human elements in each of you with purity of intent ( which will be written about in the new book Virtues) of thoughts and actions are at the forefront of the new cleaned up life on earth.

This new life will have many new elements which are seldom seen today. A few of them are unconditional love one to the other, purity of intent and integration all of which will lead to authentic living.

Authentic living will deal with the new human, including inner and outer self with depth of understanding and execution of that understanding into living.

Although it seems simple there are very few on earth who understand it and, more importantly, live it.

Welcome to this important website! Walk on knowing in your hearts the right way to live.

- El Morya
I am head of the first "Ray of Action" in this world. I will talk to you again next month.

III. The Wish

I wish that peace would reign in the heart of each and every person in the world and for tolerance, clarity, truth and expansiveness for each person. These will help to live a less narrow life. Expansiveness represents freedom and freedom represents the soul able to grow and fly. So be it and so shall it be.

[Click here to download this message as a PDF file.]