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El Morya, February 2006

The way to spiritual growth, at this time, is through relationship, others in discussion, action into service, contemplation with analysis and the constant web meditation, working in your families, communities, states, countries, on worldwide issues. It is, of course, all related and by this important "personal work" you all become one for purpose - The Grand Purpose - life with value and fulfillment.

To begin, you start with your "equal mate," then draw in "equal friends," and often acquaintances, who become friends. Connections should always be recognized and discernment lived. Your lives and your time are more valuable than you can imagine. Your energy, thoughts, actions, choices, with clean living, sets you up to be able to live your own life to the fullest while helping out others in the world, near and far. With the web meditation, change and your futures, are as close as your living room with a few gathered to do the vital work of thought, applied energy after discussion, with consensus about life's problems globally, near and far, at home and in the farthest corners of the world.

Humans everywhere are more alike than different. All need love, food, shelter and clothing, according to the climate, with a communal belonging and sharing. Discernment while you work on this creates space, time and change. With practice, a few meditating people can easily change the world, a little at a time, "focusing" on the problems of the day, here, there and everywhere.

Your relationship with the planet begins your thinking - connection, intuition, communication, analysis, action, followed by clean, purposeful living by belonging in a strong, purposeful community. In this type of living, problems are worked upon daily, and they are dealt with one day at a time.

The disciplined way of living the virtues of cheerfulness, courage, unconditional love and purity of intent all lead to the type of authentic living that exactly fits the whole, fully functioning person.

Several years ago Kuthumi gave you the Integrity of Love for you and your equal mate to consider in relationship. A new book comes this Spring beginning with right thinking-right action, finding an equal mate/ sacred connection of your choice while working out an important, inclusive daily life that truly makes a difference to each functioning person.

Together, we can make a difference and create the type of world we value. The "equal" mate of connection begins the circle of living for each family, allowing time to be used wisely, also potentials involved, while living fully with discernment, not totally selfishly, but in belonging to a community of others.

The Circle of Living

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