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Lord Buddha with Lord Germaine, November 2005

Lord Buddha with Lord Germaine, January 24, 2007. 3:04 a.m.
Only one time given and this it shall be.


It seems to me that the newsletter this month needs some explanation. Two great beings have joined for the message from their separate viewpoints. It was very interesting. I have been hearing of Armageddon while Lord Germaine says coming up is 1000 years of Peace. This newsletter has the energy of insistence for worldwide for PEACE.
Sharline Martin

Peace becomes the most precious commodity on earth and the subjugation of everything else is in the process. Diplomacy amongst nations begins to be the style of all governments on earth. To sit at a table and communicate is the most important style of solving problems of all kinds, everywhere. It matters not what problems need tending. A solution can be worked out if all become motivated to cooperate.

Cooperation is a most valued element of the peace process. Cooperation leads to problem solutions as well as consensus. Consensus says you discuss problems until one has gone past compromise to a "holy place" of sharing a solution - "consensus." Consensus happens when two opposing parties come to a place of concord or agreement about issues of disagreement. This consensus is the pure gold of peace and communication.

If two opposing parties are committed to realizing peace in the framework of their country, the parties will render an attitude of consensus agreement. This important diplomatic act will render peace to the countries, region and world. This act is what is needed today and most precious to all people is the communication style which creates it.

"Consensus" is beyond compromise, where something is always given up. In a consensual agreement both parties' ideas and both parties' needs are incorporated into a "consensus" of concerned needs. All peoples of the world must now begin to understand this process and work with this need.

The people of this web site have these understandings and are now able to help others to understand these important 2007 concepts.

Harmony in living is a precious element which comes in homes, schools, governments and the world. All persons must be considered "equals" and listened to from that place regardless of money backing or property issues. In other words, those who come to the table must come as equals, respect must be given and true listening take place. These issues are important as we go forth into this century of creating peace and harmony of living. We now move to a more conscious living in our world and all must participate.

This message has been hammered out by the Lord Buddha, representing the East, and Lord Germaine, representing the West. This message comes through this gracious transmitter, Sharline Martin, and we thank her for her especially competent skill of communication.

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