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Lord Germaine, March 2006

The vitality of earth changes have taken a new leap in 2005/2006. Things are definitely changing and although slowly - surely! Cleansing is the motive to make the earth safe for its people and all living things. New knowledge now environmentally allows a new perspective and, with new children being born with advanced souls coming to earth, there will be new solutions to all types of problems.

The earth changes in their evolutionary path will cause permanent changes on earth. "Only the truly beloved would have such a sparkling second chance as a clean Earth!!!"

- Sharline Martin

March 9, 2006 - Lord Germaine

Lord Germaine here - I am here to talk today about relationships in your life. If you find a mate who does not have a balanced, integrated approach to life, move on. The four elements of life must be equal and operating - the intellectual, emotional, physical and the spiritual. Each lends itself to an integrated life that balances your life.

If any one of these elements get out of balance, in the rest of your life it becomes a problem. As, for instance, an overly physical person will choose those activities which leave out intellectual, emotional and spiritual. This may come at a great cost to children, family, career or life in general. As for instance a man who at age 45-50- must ride his bike daily, or ski, or raft, or hike with no time to emotionally connect with family or the rest of life. If this doer happens to be a woman, it becomes a much worse problem as all of these athletic, physical activities come at the expense of child care, organizing the home, cooking for the family, relating, cleaning, etc. and the imbalance is taught to the children. Only an integrated parent on the way to balance can click in the spiritual. These extreme exercisers seem to be the bane of the world emotionally and spiritually.

Emotional sustenance to self and others is vitally important to the fulfillment of self and others. In order that the spiritual element of unconditional love clicks in a healthy emotional attitude towards life must exist. The elements all work together to create a thinking, feeling, living being who becomes spiritually advancing as unconditional love is allowed to grow and be in place in the being.

Physical is important only when balanced, and an equal part of the whole being. Clean food, clean air to breathe, clean surroundings to live in and clean thoughts without jealousy, animosity and a profound preponderance of self, as these upset the very nature of the advancing being. Exercise is important in balanced, equal with the other elements amounts.

Where there is an imbalance towards the physical, people become self-absorbed and activity oriented at the price of a whole life, and actually take on an immature stance in the nature of things.

For example, the restaurant owner who must ski or snowboard during the ski season, hike, camp or raft during the warmer season and soon family and business begin to fall apart, to say nothing of the unbalanced lives of the children of the family. Children require a caring, emotional element, organized homes and intellectual stimulation of many kinds. One activity will not make a happy life for the family.

Unconditional love begins its seedling growth when the spiritual element clicks in at the great balance of the other three. This equal balance is better for all beings in the family and all are then responsible for some of the upkeep of the balanced, integrated approach to each other in life and family to create a fulfilled life as well as balanced children.

For the adult couple in the center of the family as models for the children, balanced integration is the only road to fulfillment. Equal mates means a somewhat equal intellect, emotional capability, physical challenges which then turn on the spiritual in all of its glory. This causes a balanced life to occur in which all the elements and eventually a whole balanced tapestry is created out of the life.

If one of these elements is missing in either partner of the couple, the whole cloth of life, the children and the partner, will suffer.

The intellectual stimulation must occur, the emotional sustenance must be rich in daily life, the physical must be in proportion but not always exceeding the other elements, and the balance of these three then switch on the spiritual. The spiritual takes you out of the overemphasis on self, into empathy, compassion, and eventually, into the advanced state of unconditional love, one to the other, in family, friends and acquaintances, making one an especial human by all standards.

This balanced integration is best learned as a child in a home of practicing, integrated humans. If one did not learn it as a child in deference to fulfillment in this life, one must necessarily begin striving for balance and integration in life. All elements in life must equal out and be fully functioning.

The state of mate choosing in life will be the subject of next month's message, the reasons why for quality living, quality children and quality spiritual growth, along with quality service in both persons in the relationship.

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