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Lord Germaine, April 2006

Dear Friends ...

This month's edition of the Golden Earth eLetter will start something slightly new. Our community list has grown quite rapidly, and we're beginning to receive more questions than we are always able to answer individually via email. Many of the questions, however, relate to similar themes. So at the beginning of many of the eLetters, we'll begin providing answers and information on one or two selected themes.

In addition, this month will begin a three month series of information drawn from the material in A Collection: The Keys To Self Transformation, Book V, Knack Of Living. The Masters have instructed us to do this. They have told us time and again over the years that perhaps the single most important key to preparing for the coming earth changes is to lead an Integrated Life, and that the single most important element of doing so revolves around one's choice of mate, and the relationship that is built with him or her.

We hope you find all of this material useful to your daily lives naturally, feel free to forward it to any friends you believe might find enrichment herein.

(From Sharline Martin)

Actually, since 1988 I have received many, many communications daily in various forms such as visions, filmstrips of visions, teletapes (words in sentences that come too fast to write down) words that I can write, strong feelings connected to various subjects. The communications, of course, have not all been communicated, but they build an infrastructure of understanding in the mind.

The maps at first came in that way, country by country, region by region until I finally went to the home of the first cartographer and began to work with her. One step at a time, we worked them out. Later, after working on them, the Masters entered the picture to correct inaccuracies that had occurred. Lastly, the Masters designated the Golden Cities. These are areas that have been designated for a higher consciousness living and the Ancient Mystery Schools.

Sometimes the land around them will be inhabitable, but not always. For safety, stay close to the Golden City areas. After these areas have been cleansed, they will be safe. For instance, the Decatur/Springfield, Illinois Golden City will be mostly destroyed by the Great Lakes drainage through the area. Many have asked where to go to safety. The maps have been created for your safety. Keep your intuition open and then act on it. Some will move and then find they will need to move again, so adapt - be flexible and Mother Earth will cleanse herself while new land is created and while your find safety.

Questions have come about the precise areas of the Golden Cities. That information was not given. The Western Montana Golden City extending from Ronan in the North to Salmon, Idaho in the south, with many changes, is designated. The area of Boulder, Colorado, East for several miles from West Denver to Boulder and North to the border of Wyoming is designated. Perhaps your questions will bring more precise information in the Golden City areas.

For those of you who want to be of service to the Masters, the book A Collection: Keys To Self Transformation is a plan. With this striving your way will be constant, a plan, so to speak. It is said "when the student is ready the teacher will come." Over the years I have observed in many persons that this is true and there are many different paths and many ways of learning and being that are unique to each student striving.

Being in this world at this time takes much character and perseverance for the quiet, striving soul. Those minutes that you have each day make great use of and stay close to your intuition and your heart. In advancing persons, the heart combines with the intuition for special wisdom. Wisdom, with compassion, speeds you along your way on your path.

Recognizing your I Am soul to soul.
Sharline Martin


April 27, 2006 Boulder, CO - Lord Germaine

The process of choosing an integrated, balanced mate who will be a fit both ways for the potential-service component of your life is the concern for the next few months.


Do you truly know your mate? Do you know:

  • The inner core potential of your mate's path/service?
  • If your mate is intuitionally guided?
  • If your mate is in-tune with your needs?
  • If your paths fit?
  • If you can work out your paths easily?
  • If one of you is in a subservient role? (this leads to hostility, anger and resentment)
Consider these things to get the most our of life and to have permanent, growing relationships.

The soul in each of us comes here to grow with a service to give. Get in the way of that and the life will be turned topsy-turvey with the essence of helter-skelterness.

You see, the soul has two goals for the individual:

  • soul growth (tied to all life) and
  • service
These are the two leading forces in all lives on Earth. They lead to the learning of self control (integration), life-love in relationships and love in service. And therein, my friends, lies FULFILLMENT.

There are two dominating forces in everyone that lead to the learning of self control and fulfillment. They are love in relationships and love in service. The integration of both of these leads to fulfillment.

There are those interested in getting theirs, so to speak, but this selfish goal ultimately turns to sand in their hands and drains away. Empty! The greed, lust and selfishness become a sword turned into the self which affects the soul's potential, service and growth. If another has been brought into a relationship with these goals, the harsh reality is that a break up of the relationship is ordained.

The best preparation for choosing a mate comes from a fitting upbringing in the childhood years. When listening to the voice within and following its guidance becomes a way of life, this guidance helps unravel the mystery of individual potential.

When potential in terms of an individual's path/service is discovered, the choice of mate needs to fit the path/service for the edification and enhancement of both the relationship and the service of the two beings involved.


This is a big question and one of the most significant in life. This causes more agony in marriage than any other element, and most individuals don't consider "the goal fit" but blame breakups on other element of the marriage

First of all, the choice of mate from a balanced, integrated approach avoids all the superficial reasons for making that choice. If a couple's values and goals in life fit, the marriage will benefit greatly. Let us say that, early in marriage, a young couple begins to fight over how to spend the available money; whether to have children or not, what to eat, what type of lifestyle to life, where to spend recreation time, whether or not to buy a house and a thousand other questions. If the couple shares like values with even somewhat the same goals in life, the relationship will not cause havoc in the lives of the two individuals involved. If, however, values and goals are different, even the simple decisions in life become difficult and will have a significant impact on all aspects of both individuals' lives.

Since humans come to earth for soul growth and service that is tied to the potential of each, it would be helpful if relationships didn't cause so many problems. For that reason it is imperative to choose a mate from a totally balanced state - intellectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually (IEPS). This would lead to a smoother transition in life to marriage and would lead to more profound service.

Accomplishments equal to the entering advanced soul will be more readily accommodated with less confusion to the soul. The situation that exists today is that relationships often take humans off their paths and keep them off for life. This service impacts both soul growth and potential/service and causes the relationship to be a detriment to the humans involved, rather that a helpful "kit" with which to travel life.

The profoundness of this simple, societal change on earth would be far-reaching, impacting 99% of all humans. For this reason the first three books of The Keys To Self Transformation must be read and understood as it has the basics for raising a child who is balanced and lives life in an integrated way. This child, upon reaching adulthood, will make better life choices in every area of life, service, life mate, goals, values and lifestyle.

Although individual souls are unique and specific as to abilities, potential and necessary soul growth, all souls, without exception, would greatly benefit by balancing life towards integration, choosing an equal mate with life values and goals, and serving in the area of potential.

Accomplishments would soar as potential would be freed in new ways of importance. As more contentment and rightness of service to each individual was experienced, peace would be present everywhere. A peaceful person has room in the heart for love, both to learn to love and be loved in return. The goals of each person are unique and also very different, so, in choosing a mate, be very thorough about finding out, from internal places, what each individual is about. Being stuck in a "no fit" or "unfit" marriage is no gift, and pain with agony will prevail until one extricates one's self from it. So care is advised to:

  • be balanced (Intellectual-Emotional-Physical-Spiritual);
  • work on integration of human elements;
  • always make the choice of an equal mate from a balanced state;
  • know your mate's values and life goals;
  • work to get in touch with the potential within for service;
  • know that both you and your mate will grow and change, so communication is vitally important;
  • work together in compromise, as families enter earth;
This guidance will best prepare you for the smoothest, highest soul growth.

Unlock Your Intuition

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