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Lord Germaine, June 2006

Dear Friends ...

This month's eLetter starts with short, succinct, information about coming earth changes. Most of us are already seeing significant changes in the both the political climate and weather patterns. It takes courage to truly listen to one's intuition, but if the words here resonate - take notice and consider the changes in your life that must be made.

The eLetter will then continue with the third and final part of the three month series of information drawn from the material in "A Collection: The Keys To Self Transformation, Book V, Knack Of Living". As always, we hope this enriches your life.

Advanced Council, June 18, 2006

We are the Advanced Council of the Western USA, guiding and protecting those who are ours, so to speak. We come now to tell you all to listen to your intuition and courageously follow it and we will help you, if you ask.

Our inspirations are to go with a glad heart to the golden future, believe in yourself and know that, with our help, it will come right for you.

There will be movement in earth changes in the month of August, 2006. If your area is effected in any way, it will not be safe. Move!

Lord Germaine, June 29, 2006

The east coast is changing fast and it will be very dangerous by October-November, 2006. So get your loved ones out.

Lord Germaine

How Could The Harmony Of A Mate Change Your Life?

Let us say, for example, that what appears to be a great marriage is arranged and accomplished and after a few months the home becomes a battleground instead of a place of refuge. A home should be refuge and a refuge is where one goes to rest, relax, recuperate, eat, sleep and be revitalized in every way.

On the other hand, a battleground is where:

  • there is no trust
  • there is no caring
  • each is out to get the other or to prove him/her wrong,
and issues of power and control dominate the environment generating negative energy for all who live in the space. There are many combinations of these elements existing in homes everywhere. Consequently, very few home are a true refuge.

The goals and values of each mate directly impact the home and determine whether it becomes a refuge or a battleground. Say, for example, one likes a green lawn and blooming flower gardens in the yard. Well, that takes cooperation, work and planning to accomplish. It the other abhors yard work of any kind, the battle ensues.

Or, perhaps, one wants children and the other does not, so each child becomes the fault or glory of one in the relationship, with the other living on the periphery. This situation is not good for the adults or the children. Of course, both may agree to have or not have children at marriage, and then change their minds. In this case, talking it out, settling issues and forging ahead with life in compromise is better, by far, than living in a battleground.

Harmony, Webster says, means "agreement in feeling, action, ideas, interest, etc., peaceable or friendly relations." To have harmony in the home is one of life's greatest gifts and in this age, it is hard to find.

For the finest service and spiritual growth this harmonious state must exist in the home. If there is not a harmonious environment within the home, the potential/service of each mate, the child raising and the revitalization process are all obstructed. Vibrational levels towards a higher consciousness are directly impacted by home environments. Often the home that is a battleground becomes so because the couple doesn't fit well together in values and goals, or they can't communicate, or one or both are in frustrating service for living instead of careers/jobs that are fitting to their individual potentials and service.

Getting in touch with the inner self early in life is vitally important, for no one else knows what lies within a soul except "self." Being open to intuitional guidance about life is the first step to peace in the home, right service and knowing the "rightness" of your life.

Harmony in the home would release tons of energy for service, communication and problem solving. The home battleground wouldn't be missed except by the ego maniacs, power mongers and arguers. If ego, power and argument could be laid aside and exchanged for harmony in the home, the home's vibrational level would increase and improve immediately. If humans in the home would begin to work on self and take a look at "self-action," very soon all would be more involved in the major reason for earth life: spiritual growth. If this occurred, it is feasible that all of the battling energy could be used for service, and that would change life on earth.

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