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Lord Germaine, September 23, 2006

Dear Friends ...

To the helpers of "earth change cleanup." Even 5-10 minutes a day with 'purity of intent" [See Virtues book] , giving of human energy for earth clean up and recycling helps much over time. In 10-20 years it certainly adds up. El Morya works 24/7 in the Mid East helping to stabilize the people for peace while I, Lord Germaine, work 24/7 for the USA and its peace.

The raising of consciousness is aided by this:

  • From your third eye projection of light over an area of a country such as India, Pakistan, Kashmir, helps greatly. It is easily accomplished. Ask that the heart chakras of the peoples of the country be filled with the light from the overlaying blanket of light produced over the country. Places such as Sudan, Darfur will be helped (get yourself an atlas and understand the shape of the country and where it is located)
  • Sit in meditation bringing the energy of light to your being to a sort of "well" in your third eye chakra and then project it upon designated areas, regions or countries, sometimes cities.
  • Hold the light over the particular area being worked upon for several minutes. A brilliant yellow, white light works.
It is a daily effort, individually or in groups, that adds up to more peace and harmony between peoples of the world.

Conflict can be swept away and "agape love" take its place until harmony with equality exists in the world.

Quieting comes with peace in the heart chakra while the energy may then be used for more harmonious, loving behavior from day to day. Keep working day to day on your designated area and you will soon be happy to see improvement with happenings in the country.

The planet and yourselves are light, different degrees of light, but all humans understand this at their core. You can lay light over the country or send it straight to the hearts of people with peace as your intent. The angelic kingdom helps with this somewhat, like the Holy Spirit working in all religions to aid people or the world, wherever you are working.

This light works to heal both people and planet. This "well of light" after being produced with "purity of intent" can be used as your mental processes direct, thus changing the area to "light." If one lays it over a particular country it rains down on people, animals and the planet.

Peace, love and working meditation for your guidance.

Lord Germaine

Please remember your own USA every day for at least 3 minutes, as peace is not in all hearts here. As you sit in meditation for the light of the world, I sit in meditation once a day for you "earth clean up" people who are on our newsletter list. I am to help you in your daiily lives and to feel and see the light.

Thanks to you all!

Sharline Martin

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