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Lord Germaine, October 28, 2006

Dear Friends ...

As you all know earth changes are ongoing at this time and the earth is cleansing itself all of the time. Warnings are given and, if taken seriously, no danger to human life is experienced. Stay in-tune and stay calm as the approach should be that of a blessing and thankfulness as well as an opportunity for Right Thinking - Right Action!

In 1992 and 1998 we warned of activity in the "Ring of Fire," being a large warning. There has been volcanic activity in Hawaii since then and now a significant "earthquake movement" Be forewarned about this activity in the Ring of Fire and listen to and act upon your intuition.

Lord Germaine.

NOTE: For those unfamliar with the term "Ring of Fire", it refers to the boundaries of the plates that compose the earth's crust in the Pacific Ocean. Further iformation is available if you Google "Ring of Fire".