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Lord Germaine, November 2005

We are a circle of Ascended Masters who are present in Sharline Martin's life and we do much work through her in and for your world. We will be speaking with you in this space at least once a month. Welcome to this important communication website. It is our purpose to bring your safety, easy access to our words and a whole lot of vitally important services.

There are two ways of looking at present times. Some see them as "end times," others see them as "new beginnings." I AM St. Germaine and will be known to you as Lord Germaine. I can assure you that you are moving into a "Golden Age" of great peace, love, and a new way of living in a clean environment of clean water, clean food and clean thoughts that will lead the planet to a peaceful existence.

Conflict resolution will become very important and will be taught in all schools. No school will decline to deal with this issue until a new paradigm of discussion and peace exist. Working together, collaborating, coming to consensus among yourselves in little and large issues leads to a sound community. This type of living eventually leads to a peaceful community spirit as well as actual peaceful community life.

Our aim here is to help you, as spiritual beings, to stretch your wings in the ways of true spirituality, and as you grow, to provide you with new challenges of life, living and loving in the ways of true Brotherhood.

Beginning today makes the experience of the Golden Cities, in reality, closer - with more strength. The future rides before you even now as you claim your true right as beings of the light in love and peace one to all and all to one. Go thy way, O faithful servants, and rest not until it is accomplished.

The community experienced from this level of living and loving will lead the humans involved to whole life with unusual fulfillment. To live in communities of like kind is to live the true life of peace, loving all you come into contact with, authentically and whole heartedly.

Authentic living will continue to be a subject of this space.

Lord Germaine
7th Ray Magician in the World.

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