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Lord Maitreya, November 2005

2005-2008 to 2015 Western Montana - mostly rains in this Northwest region instead of snows that you have been experiencing. This will affect lives here greatly. High elevations will continue to have snows for skiing and winter sports. The life changes in this region impacts all humans, but the business community vastly, so begin now to plan ahead for the turning of this region into a Seattle like weather scene - further turning, in 5 to 10 years, to one of Hawaii with ever so slight yearly changes - hardly noticeable until one day, voila! Here it is - Hawaii weather.

Hawaii is now the large vortex opening of earth plane for us [The Hierarchy] to manage and that will switch slowly to the East of Boulder, Colorado, also over the next years.

These predictions are not to scare or dis-integrate humans, but are warnings for preparation, saying "humans, get ready." Move, if necessary. Humans in touch with inner self will get information that needs to be followed. It is by intuitional guidance and action that we guide humans in all ways.

The immense task of moving people out of the way of weather, storms and great tragedy in coming earth changes is beginning to be a grave task as most humans are not intuitionally open enough to receive clear information. ACTING on information from intuition allows great advantage - evaluating the information with the rational mind, however, allows great errors.

The rational mind disallows the truth of intuitional guidance and results in this society's error in flexing only the left brain at the expense of the right brain, which will cause 100,000's of deaths. Wouldn't it be that humanity could be more balanced in effect and action so the humans knew the truth of incoming insights and information. Flexing the rational mind in times like this is plain foolhardiness.

The most help one can give oneself is to operate daily from the balanced, integrated state of intuitional guidance. This is advice I can give you now.

As tragedies occur here and there across nations and continents, little seems to be changing, but after a few years much is changed. The weather, the industries necessary to match the weather, the wind patterns, the type of people who live in an area and the activities of a certain area are set by the choices of the people in the area. So, as earth changes continue for cleansing the planet, pick up here and there. Be conscious of insidious change taking place in the world around you. Subtle but evolutionary.

The Earth, too, is evolving toward a more stable, less stormy center for life. "Peace on Earth" will begin with Peace of the Earth and be followed by its inhabitants. This is the largest evolving planet in the Universe at the present time, so many entities are certainly helping and observing.

Continual calmness during future upheavals is advice I can give you - each the integration process to all, and the components of human integration allows for:

  • spiritual growth
  • intuitional opening with discernment.

Humans operating from a balanced state in these future time will allow the most safety, the kindest life for all, so heed this.

Earth changes begin to impact the USA in 2005, with overall political malaise as the inner core of people will understand that more important things are at stake. Seattle and Los Angeles will be hit in the late 2009 - a warning - get out if you are affected in any way. In 2012 the destruction will be complete and far reaching in these areas.

Because Oregon lies between these two areas of Seattle and Los Angeles it will become quickly unsafe - from the winds, water and flooding. Conscious leaving is suggested. Don't wait until the last gong sounds as fleeing then becomes difficult.

On the East Coast 2007 sees much of the coastal area impacted from the Northeast to Boston, Washington D.C. to Florida. Happenings in 2008 will place humans in these areas in untenable positions unless some planning has been established, so begin now to plan and act.

As the USA is impacted, every area of the system of the country will be effected and this is the truth. The financial system is the first, of course, to be upset. So make allowances for that in your lives. Prepare. This allows the most understanding to come through with growth.

Lord Maitreya of All World Religions
November 15, 2005

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