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Sharline Martin, August, 2006

Dear Friends ...

Since this web site was launched last winter solstice many have contacted us asking "What can I do to help." The answer, for now, is to help "clean up" the earth. How? In 100's of different ways.

  • Recycle;
  • Clean up ourselves. Our actions, homes, thoughts, immediate environment;
  • Use bio products, organic foods, pure water.
If we each become more careful and conscious about our biodegradable products and the things we do with our waste products, that will be a help.
  • Help trees! Our forests need protection and health as they are such a vital part of the world ecosystem that they impact all.
  • Change consciousness about earth clean up. Join energies with those you know who are also serious about helping - friends, relatives. Meet once a week and talk about helping our earth. Envision a sphere or a bubble or balloon over the place you meet and visualize your energy of wanting to help actually fill the sphere. Ask aloud for angelic carriers to take the energy filled sphere for delivery to other angelic beings who are working with the specifically stated solutions.
Each region has specific problems of environmental cleanliness, and your group will know what they are. Meet weekly and begin to work etherically, NOW, and the solutions will start manifesting with the energy of the persons involved.

Earth changes should be welcomed with joy and thankfulness as they are a cleansing. The Masters have prepared places of safety for migration to by you and your families.

This web site will act and communicate with you, if you so desire, as you draw your small groups around you and if each community starts this practice there will soon be a different consciousness about "earth clean up" and solutions for it.

Let me suggest two things each group can do, and in doing these two things, be as creative as you can be. First, each group can brain storm solutions to help for "earth clean up" for a 10-20 year crash plan. Second, when your group HAS AGREED on a solution, infuse your collective human energy for that solution into a sphere, asking aloud for angelic supervision, then have it delivered to the angelic kingdom.

My group and web site will help you all in your projects of human energy giving for solving specific problems in your regions. Because my group has been doing this type of meditation for years, the Masters have indicated that my group and any group we assist has won a "No Interference" with the energy we give to the angelic kingdom.

The web site can assist you in coordinating your human energy giving and answer questions that might arise. We shall all work to become strong, loyal and persevering humans who will become "earth clean up" helpers.

Plan, plot, ponder and problem solve to make your region and the world cleaner and better.

In your meditation groups give human energy to a focused energy sphere, then ask the angelic kingdom to take the sphere to help whatever specific clean up problem you have identified. The angelic kingdom will take and supervise the distribution of your human energy as you have requested.

In addition to your own regions, we are currently working on

  • Pakistan-India-Kashmir
  • Indonesia clean up
  • China clean up
  • Missoula, Montana
  • Boulder, Colorado
For those of you who have asked "What can I do to help," you have an answer. Let us begin with Self and a group around us today.

The Masters welcome our human energy help and the angelic kingdom is committed to supervising its use, so through this inter-kingdom cooperation we will make strides for "earth clean up." Who knows what can be accomplished by our cooperation in 10-20 years??


In the next newsletter I will begin instruction about a light-raining meditation technique for cleansing work in large geographical areas.

Sharline Martin

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