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The Golden Earth Survival List: Safety for You, your Family, and Community

Welcome to The Golden Earth Welcome home. Welcome to a celebration of the thriving life on our beautiful planet. Welcome to a new millennium, one whose beginning is filled with equal parts magnificence and turmoil.

Welcome to a website devoted to helping you seize that magnificence while navigating through the turmoil; a website through which unique and wonderful beings can convey intriguing concepts and pragmatic assistance to 21st century humanity. The only thing required of you is an open mind - and perhaps a touch of intuition.

Welcome to The Golden Earth.

There has always been a single body of wisdom on earth - the "Ancient Wisdom" - and this body of wisdom has been maintained throughout the ages by beings who have accepted responsibility for its development and use.

In every generation these beings seek students and co-workers on earth, and in conjunction with them, adapt elements of that Ancient Wisdom to serve the needs of the humanity of the day. These students and co-workers can be found throughout the nations of the world, in religion, commerce, science, art, and education. Some are very public figures, while others work quietly behind the scenes.

It is not necessary for you to accept either the existence of the Ancient Wisdom or its custodians. Many may question these concepts. Others will already know of these things, or feel a strange and ancient shiver go up their spine as they read these words. The information itself, however, should stand on its own.

The website will not be presenting profound speculations concerning the origins of the cosmos, or the meaning of life. Rather, it will speak to the significant transformational period through which we're currently living, and the unfolding global cleansing that includes disruptive geophysical events and severe weather. It will offer down-to-earth advice concerning where to live and an approach to living that will both facilitate spiritual growth and keep you and your family safe.

As it has been throughout the ages, you are invited to accept and act upon this information if it resonates with you, and reject it if it does not. In either case, we thank you for your time here, and for the opportunity to serve.