While this is not the place to go into underlying causes, it should be clear even to the most casual observers that something profound started on earth within the last couple of hundred years. It took from the beginning of our species until around 1849 to reach a population of one billion. Since then we've grown to over 6 billion. Until the mid-1800's, the primary sources of power were muscle and fire - in less than a century we went from the invention of the steam engine to splitting the atom. In 1800 it took weeks to get a letter across a country - it now takes milliseconds to get an email across the world.

Example after example might be noted, but the point is that it is clear that some enormous evolutionary impulse hit the planet in recent times. While this impulse resulted in a massive stimulus in almost every arena of human life, it was not integrated in a balanced fashion. The human intellect has spun a bit out of control - like a toy top wobbling on its axis, or a driver accelerating too fast on a wet highway. As a result, our planet has been suffering some negative consequences. Earth is a magnificent - conscious - being that has been quietly buffering some of the effects over the past several decades, but these effects are now growing too large to be quietly buffered any more. The planet itself is now acting to set things right.

It is important to keep this in perspective. This is not "Armageddon", nor is some "rapture" imminent. This is a normal process initiated by a healthy planet to keep its own evolution on track.

By the same token, it is important not to be blind to the full import of what this means. If you've noticed that catastrophic events - hurricanes, floods, tornados, earthquakes, tsunamis, and etc. - seem to be occurring with increasing frequency, you are absolutely correct. If your intuition is telling you this is likely to get worse before it gets better you are, again, absolutely correct.

The Golden Earth project would like to assert two simple, significant truths:

  • First, these earth changes are going to continue for at least a decade, and will become - at times - quite severe; and
  • Second, the spiritual kingdom is responding, and will guide aware human beings to safe places, and to a perspective that permits them to both survive and serve during this period.

On the Books and Maps page you'll find books concerning living on earth in an integrated fashion (that will permit your intuition to respond to earth changes appropriately on a daily basis). On the Communications page of this website you'll find practical advice from the spiritual kingdom, communicated through a Transmitter that has undergone a decade of sophisticated training to achieve an unprecedented level of Clarity.

In addition, we've recently added a Survival List - a list of critical supplies for you, your family, and your community, that will help you be fully prepared for the coming changes. We hope you'll permit us to assist you in the coming years.