Welcome to The Golden Earth Earth's present population is so enormous as to be historically unprecedented and large numbers currently live in areas likely to be significantly impacted by the coming earth changes. The spiritual kingdom has created plans to guide humanity through the changes and one of the cornerstones of those plans is the selection of a number of carefully chosen locations that will serve as Golden Cities, focal points to which spiritually aware human beings are to be guided for their safety, growth, and service as the earth cleansing unfolds.

Maps of the Golden City locations are available on the Books and Maps page of this site. The Golden Cities will serve three powerful, primary purposes:

  • They will be places where those who will serve humanity after the earth changes may weather the results of the changes in health and safety;
  • They will be places where advanced beings from the spiritual kingdom will create energy vortices and initiate close contacts between themselves and humans;
  • They will be places where the current form of ancient "mystery schools" will be set up, allowing advanced souls to work, grow, and serve together - and serve as models for the larger communities within which they exist.

The Golden Cities have been designated based upon a variety of complex criteria including - but not limited to their ability to sustain the essentials of human life during and after the earth changes (in terms of everything from climate to water sources); their locations in protected areas that will survive the earth changes relatively unscathed and a number of more subtle qualities that will permit an unusually close interaction between the human and spiritual kingdoms. It is important for visitors to this website to understand, in no uncertain terms, that we are recommending relocation of yourselves and your families to the Golden City most convenient to the nature and nuances of your current lives.

The spiritual kingdom and its human co-workers understand the immensity of this recommendation, and the "leap of faith" required to follow it. Many of you have been raised thinking of "spirituality" in terms of either traditional organized religions, or subjective personal growth (study, meditations and other internal practices). Indeed, during times of relative stability these views of spirituality are correct.

Occasionally, however, human civilization enters a short, intense phase of great upheaval and turmoil. During these times, the normal processes associated with spirituality and spiritual growth are put aside, and the emphasis shifts to helping those in need make it through the events themselves, and then rebuilding societies on new foundations as they emerge from the changes. Just as local and state officials plan for natural disasters by positioning the right people and supplies in key locations, so too does the spiritual kingdom act at the planetary level when large changes are immanent. In selecting the Golden Cities, and concentrating spiritually advanced human beings in those locations, they hope to encourage a different - and kinder - human civilization to grow out of the cleansing period we're entering.

As provocative and challenging as these ideas might be, we'd encourage you to observe your internal reaction at every level - your heart, mind, and intuition. While a few will immediately understand the truth of the matter, for most it will take some time to get used to the notion (it is quite easy to be spiritual when it means meditating for 20 minutes a day, quite another when it means relocating).

If you believe everything said here is so much foolishness and nothing about it resonates in your soul, we wish you well on your path. On the other hand if it is echoing inside of you, seems to confirm intuitive feelings you've been receiving for some time, and over the course of the next few days you simply cannot get it out of your head, then we would greatly encourage you to consider this intuitive pressure to be an invitation to take your rightful place in one of the Golden Cities.

Finally, while we won't downplay the energy required to uproot yourself and your family, let us suggest that if - after allowing this information to digest - you choose to take the leap, you may well find that a number of the practical details fall into place in surprising ways. The earth itself facilitates the activities of those who answer the call to service.