Welcome to The Golden Earth There is an unusually large number of advanced souls currently walking the planet, many (if not most) with roles to play in the coming earth changes. Part of the information they will need relates to understanding that the changes are coming, and making certain that they are in safe places. The Earth Changes and Golden Cities pages speak to this information. The other critical part of the picture concerns the particular perspective - the lifestyle - they'll need to achieve in order to discover and grow into their service.

The long term spiritual evolution of the human kingdom on earth unfolds in a rhythmic fashion, like the calm breathing in and out of a great being. The religions and spiritual practices of every era are created for the human beings of that era to align with that spiritual rhythm. We are currently emerging from an "inward" phase, during which spirituality was associated with the inner worlds alone. The physical body was framed as a source of animal passions (and in some cases, condemned as evil). The emotions and desires were considered volatile substances to be mastered and controlled. Money, and even marriage, were seen as impediments to growth.

We are now in the midst of a great shift. In practical terms, this means the advanced souls on earth will no longer be retreating from the world, but rather, will be living right in the center of the hustle and bustle of day to day life. They'll build strong marriages, raise healthy children, and vigorously pursue careers. As they move through their communities, they will both model a new sort of living, and radiate a subtle and elevating light.

Remaining balanced and centered, however, in the midst of the exhilarating pace of 21st century human civilization is quite a challenge, and calls for entirely different sorts of spiritual perspectives and practices. The perspective we'd like to introduce here is that of the Integrated Life. In its simplest form, this means fully developing one's physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual components in such a way as to harmonize them with one another.

This may sound like a light and easy task, but in fact the number of genuinely integrated human beings currently alive on earth is extremely small. It is easy to see the lack of harmony. Some folks devote significant attention on the physical - sensualists or gluttons, or those who go in the other direction and spend large amount of time in the gym while their intellectual growth stagnates. Others live largely in the realm of emotion, and may not even give a spare thought to diet and exercise. Still others have highly developed intellects, but stunted emotional selves and no spiritual perspective.

It is difficult to find people that have put together the entire picture of a good diet and healthy physical life, a warm and open emotional self that connects with friends and family, a continually evolving intellectual development, and a spiritual perspective that maintains a firm integrity without becoming dictatorial or judgmental. This, however, is the model of spirituality for the coming era. If you gaze outward right now at the worst of the problems the human world faces, and trace them back to their root causes, you'll almost invariably find fractured, unbalanced people at the core. Balanced, harmonious individuals create solid families, which lead to thriving communities, which form the foundation of enlightened nations.

The need to integrate one's energy system is even more important in the coming decade, as we enter the time of earth changes. Integrating and balancing all the elements of your being will give you access to spiritual insights and abilities. Intuition will no longer be a vague and mystical feeling, but rather will become a sense with a clarity equal to vision and hearing. Synchronicity becomes not just a theory, but a co-worker you depend upon in your service. You'll seem to always be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right things.

On the Books and Maps page of this website are books that address the process of living an Integrated Life in great detail. We'd encourage you consider this perspective thoroughly.